Regarding New Jersey:
In New Jersey a podiatrist is a podiatric physician. If you
live in New Jersey and need a podiatric physician to
do a house call for you "in New Jersey",
please call Dr. Chaskin Podiatrist at (718) 417-4895
so he can travel to "New Jersey" and do a house
call for you in "New Jersey".

Regarding New York:
In " New York" (a podiatrist is not a "podiatric
physician". But they are a "doctor podiatrist"). (I believe the word podiatrist must be next to the word doctor.) In New York only an MD or a DO can call themselves a
"physician". So if you want to have your foot wound
treated by a "physician" please consider going to
Wyckoff Heights Medical Center
Hyperbaric Oxygen and
Wound Care Center and ask for a "physician" to treat
your wound.